Zombie Walk Cape Town

Zombie walk images from each event are added here. Browse zombie walk cape town images to see yourself, friends & family from SA Biggest Halloween event. Hordes of undead march from 1 point to another, demanding brains…Each year we host the Cape Town Zombie Walk/Fest and take over the streets of Cape Town. Cape Town Zombie Walk is an all ages event making it fun for the entire family and is the only pet friendly event of its kind. We help raise funds for local charities like the Lucky Lucy Foundation for abused and neglected animals and will continue to do so.Make sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram. Sign up for notifications on the zombie walk website (red bell icon). Also feel free to leave a review or add your photos to the Zombie Walk lasting on Google maps & places. We appreciate the support and remind you to keep checking back on the website for all the details about the next Zombie Walk event as they are always posted on the website first. see you at the next Cape Town Zombie Walk!

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