7 Best Online Trading Platforms to Make Money in Forex

7 Best Online Trading Platforms to Make Money in Forex

How do you make money by trading forex? If you’re interested in turning forex trading into your primary job, it’s important to first learn how to choose the best online trading platform. In the world of online trading, there are dozens of different platforms with unique features and varying levels of customer support. Which platform is best for you will depend on your level of experience, your trading goals, and your overall financial needs. Read on to learn about the seven best online trading platforms to make money in forex.

How would you like working from home? Are you looking for easy side jobs? Do you want to improve your forex trading skills or just learn more about it? There are many ways that you can earn extra money. Here are 7 great platforms where traders worldwide make a lot of money. The best part is that they all provide services completely free!

TradeStation Review
TradingStation is one of our top picks for individual traders. It’s an easy-to-use trading platform that allows you to trade forex, futures, and options. You can customize its interface by changing color schemes and icon sizes, or dig deeper with advanced technical analysis settings. Once you get going, it will sync with your online broker account so you can start making real trades quickly. There are no account minimums or special requirements for deposits or withdrawals.

ZorroTrader Review
ZorroTrader is one of a growing number of online trading platforms that offer access to Forex and CFD trading. Founded by U.K.-based Zorro Group, it provides traders with access to over 250 major exchanges across 60 countries globally. The company boasts more than $40 billion in trades through its platform per year and claims 100,000 users worldwide. Its order execution speed has been called industry-leading by numerous industry experts and trading leaders.

XM Review
XM are one of several trading platforms available to those looking for a broker who offers competitive spreads and low transaction costs. One feature that is unique, though, is their forex bonus power – a system whereby traders can get additional bonuses based on how much they trade with XM. The way it works is simple: at 1% of your total trades, you get 1% bonus; at 5%, you get 5%; at 15%, you get 10%; and so on.

FXCM Review
FXCM is a global online trading platform for foreign exchange (forex) markets. It offers tight spreads, fast execution, leverage up to 1:200 and trading on more than 80 currency pairs. As one of only four brokers listed on both Euronext Paris and Nasdaq Stockholm, FXCM combines real-time liquidity with personal service.

BDSwiss Review
BDSwiss is a forex trading broker based in Germany, with offices in Cyprus and Kenya. Founded by two brothers, BDSwiss has grown from a small operation into one of Europe’s largest forex brokers. The broker offers more than 40 currency pairs on its MT4-based platform, along with CFDs on commodities and indices. Profits are unlimited; customers cannot lose more than they deposit (there is no leverage). Markets average between $100 million and $300 million per day.

Swisch FCA (UK) Account Opening Process
Choosing a trading platform is one of those things that investors, especially new ones, are hesitant about. There are many factors that play into making sure you have selected a good platform for your currency trading needs. Swisch Finance, regulated by FCA (UK), have established an entire process to make sure you are able to successfully open your forex trading account with them. Let’s take a closer look at how it works!

Making money online is about understanding how your money can make more money. If you are curious about investing, but you are not sure how it works or where to begin, then learning from a professional trader could be your best move. You will learn what steps to take when it comes time for making an investment, as well as knowing when and why you should pull out of an investment. All that remains is deciding which online trading platform suits your needs best!

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